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Edit: Updated Information for Season 2, Screenshots, and Other Information.

PlayTrickster Website
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  Once more returns the advertising post cause I like helping things I enjoy a lot out lol. So guess what’s back! That’s right. It’s “ Play Trickster ” Or ” rTO ” in this case. But this time, It’s with Season 2! Like usual though, If you don’t wanna see it then All you have to do is use Tumblr Savior and blacklist the words TricksterTrickster Online, or any of the following tags.

Now for those of you who are kind of New, basically Play trickster is a pixel Styled MMORPG game that features colorful 2-D styled graphics, cute playable characters, and awesome story lines that allow a for a nice experience. However that’s not all it has. Due to this being a private server, They’ve added some things in-game to help along with your time spent in game. So here, why don’t I just stop yapping my mouth off and just explain to you what they have.

Server Features: 

Base Rate of Experience: 3x ( In-Game Translates to 300x )
TM Rate of Experience: 6x ( In-Game Translates to 600x )
Drop Rate: 3x
(Base/TM rate May change in the future. Drop rates as far as I know will stay the same.)

Version: Season 2

Friendly Reminder: They’ve updated the game considerably so that It’s more caught up with it’s (recently closed) counter-parts. So many of the maps, monsters, and towns have been revamped and quests have been added. However, it’s not a complete caught up version of S2. The single boss room system has been added and the boss monsters have been reset so they’re much easier to kill compared to before. Chaos Tower has now been added as well as the new spicy dragon boss. So while it’s not a 100% caught up version, It’s still season 2. Now before anyone asks I’m gonna say this up front.

Yes. They do have Paula. HOWEVER, they can NOT put her in the game as of right now due to the version of S2 that they have. The version is not up to date in the character creation screen that actually allows Paula to be used. The only way they could add Paula is to remove one of the main 8 characters, and as far as I know the community agreed not to do that. So for now yes, you have to go without Paula, but that could change in the future. Sorry!

Classes Available: First Job Classes - Second Job Classes- Third Job Classes

Boss Uniques Available: Tuntankhamen Uniques Till Spicy Dragon Uniques

Friendly Reminder: Due to the update of Season 2, Boss equipment no longer drops in the form of a box. Now The Uniques will drop normally from boss monsters. I have no idea if they’ll implement the box system again, but as of now The boss system has returned to normal!

Extra Information:

In-Game, VIP and Website Features -

Warning & Friendly Reminder: Right now the website Refinement, Tempering, and Fusion is currently bugged. The GM’s are working on fixing it, but until they state that it has been fixed you’ll have to refine, temper, and Fuse Items in-game. I will put a star ( * ) beside the currently bugged items, and remove it when it’s fixed.

and now for the friendly reminder.

This portion is not mandatory to read but I’m including to cover all grounds and to explain a bit of the benefits you get from donating.You do NOT have to donate if you do not want toI can not stress this enough. These are just bonus features you get if you do donate and accumulate a large amount of mileage points from doing so. 

The Auction House
-This feature on the website allows you to sell any item, including myshop equipment. However: when you first sign up you will have to wait a week before you can gain access to the auction house.  Free users can also use this feature.

Compounding/De-Compounding Website Access
- This will allow you to take any equipment you have in-game and give you access to compound/De-Compound it.This is helpful if you do not have access to the game. Players who also use this feature via the website have the chance of getting higher results despite having very little luck to work with.

* Refinement/Repair Website Access - This will allow you to take any equipment you have in-game and refine it and repair it via the website. This is helpful if you do not have access to the game. However: I do not know if it has any perks that come with it, so that may need to be looked into.

* Tempering Website Access
- This will allow you to temper your stat’s on equipment via the website.

* Reform Reset, Fusion, and De-Fusion Website Access - While I forget what the reform reset does, Fusion and De-Fusion will allow you to to fuse equipment and un-fuse equipment through the website. Pretty straight forward otherwise.

Maturing Pet Compound Website Access - Allows you to compound your pet via the website. This is helpful if you do not have access to the game. I also believe free users have access to this feature.

Please Remember: Some of these features are VIP access only that can only be used after donating and gaining mileage, where as others are available to be accessed despite being a Free User. These features also do NOT make much difference in terms of gameplay unless you’d rather have an increased chance of getting better stat’s on equipment. The normal way of doing things is still in-game, These are just perks you get IF you donate.

This private server is still underway and is still growing with a pretty decent community within the game (given the fact it is still growing and all.) you do NOT have to play it, but I figured I’d try to help this private server out a bit by advertising in hopes maybe new players may try it. The Players are nice, The GM’s are pretty friendly as well. Overall, It’s your choice to try it out. I’m just here to help out! :3

Have a nice day/night everyone!

 ~ Iso

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